100' 20 Gauge Twisted Wire

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Product Overview

100' 20 Gauge Twisted Cancellation Wire

Creates Safe Areas of Access for Dogs

This 100' of 20-gauge Twisted Cancellation Wire is designed for use with in ground dog fence containment systems. This spool consists of two strands that are "twisted" together, cancelling the signal that runs through the wire. You can also use the included wire to create these boundary breaks without the purchase of this product, by twisting the wire manually.

This twisted wire is designed for use with the Perimeter Technologies WiFi Fence System and Basic In-Ground Containment Fence System

Note: ALWAYS purchase the same gauge wire used in your containment system. Mixing different wire gauges could cause signal interference.

Cancellation wire kit - twisted wire
Perimeter Technologies 100' of 20 gauge twisted wire for use with In Ground containment systenms. Used for marking areas that your pet may pass through, cancelling the boundary.

100' 20 Gauge Twisted Wire


(No reviews yet) Write a Review