3-Sided Exterior Kennel Dog Door

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$155.99 - $267.99

Product Overview

3-Sided Exterior Vinyl Kennel Doors

Custom Made 3-Side Exterior Dog Kennel Door

The 3-Sided Exterior Kennel Dog Door from Security Boss have been designed especially for commercial and residential kennels. These exterior Kennel Doors are made specially for openings that go down to the floor, they have 3 walls sides. Our 3-Sided doors will sleeve into the opening, they can be secured on both sides and the top. A 1" flange will insert into the opening. The flap will have just short of touching the floor. Strong alnico magnets line the sides of the flap, the number of these magnets will vary depending on the side of the door built.

These 3-Sided door can be a great item to protect and conserve heating and cooling costs. They are typically used along with Guillotine Panel dog doors that are installed on the interior side of the building wall.

Use of the 3-Sided Kennel Doors with guillotine dog doors

Wall penetrations can vary greatly from facility to facility. Therefore our doors are custom made to the required dimensions.
Note: Doors are non-refundable as they are built to your requirements.

The 3-Sided Exterior Kennel Door is made with a heavy-duty extruded aluminum, and has double reinforced mitered corners for structural strength. The flap is UV protected and weatherized to prevent shrinking in sub-zero temperatures. Each flap has 1 1/2" long Alnico #5 magnets that create a positive seal. Both sides of the flap are also lined with heavy density brush weatherstripping to prevent any drafts. The flap length is 3/16" shorter than the sides of the door to minimize any scraping or wear due to movement on the kennel floor.

3-Sided Kennel dog doors
Kennel Openings for Doors

The prices for this door are based on the total square inches of the wall penetration or opening size.

To calculate pricing
If you Opening is 12" wide by 32" high
Multiply 12 x 32 = 384 square inches
Find this number in the chart below for pricing

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Security Boss
3-Sided Exterior Kennel Dog Doors

Made in USA

Square Inch
$140.00 each
$200.00 each
$250.00 each
3-Sided Exterior Mounted Kennel Doors

Call & ask to speak with our Commercial Sales dept.
at 1-800-829-7876

Security Boss Kennel Door return policy: 3-Sided Exterior Kennel Doors are made to fit the customers dimension requirements, therefore they are non-refundable. Flaps are made from flexible vinyl so if they are chewed or destroyed by an occupant, you may want to charge the owner for replacement value.
Best Features:
Energy Savings - Best Seal
Use with any guillotine doors
Exterior Side of
walls or doors
Any - Made to Fit
Custom Sizes
Yes - Call for Info
Insulating Rating:

Security Boss

Pricing starts at: $140.00

Security Boss®
3-Sided Exterior Kennel Door


(No reviews yet) Write a Review