Basic Ultra Comfort Contact System

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Basic In Ground Ultra Comfort Contact System

Perimeter Technologies | Model PTPCC-200K In-Ground Fence

This Basic Ultra Comfort Contact System includes enough wire to cover 1/3 acres, but can cover up to maximum of 5 acres with the purchase of additional boundary wire. This in ground containemnt system is the base system offered by Perimeter Technologies. Receiver collars can be purchased to expand this system to an unlimited number of dogs. The 20 gauge wire is designed for the most common soil types (18 gauge wire may be required for rugged, extreme environments).

The receiver collar includes tone and static correction (5 levels of static correction). Each collar receiver can be programmed individually, customizing each dogs correction stimulus and level. This is a popular feature when used with multiple dogs, varying in size and temperament, within the same system. These receiver collars are easy to program using the wall mounted transmitter, providing quick and convenient setting adjustments.  These receiver collars are designed for dogs 10 lbs or more.


This Basic model in-ground containment fence allows for basic dog containment. The Lightning Protector accessory is recommended for protecting your investment.
***You can program an unlimited number of dogs to this system.

Basic Ultra System PTPCC-200K In Ground Fence
Additional Collars fit necks from 10" to 24", suitable for dogs 10 lbs and over
Recommended for area prone to strikes
500 feet of 20 gauge boundary wire, 2-wire splicers, perimeter flagsNote: Kit by Innotek - better pricing for customer.
Using twisted wire in your boundary will allow a correction free pass - most often used as a pass thru area for your pet.
High quality water proof wire splicers for connecting wire segments together

1/2" and 3/4" Comfort Contact Probes

Comfort Contacts
Comes standard with 5/8" contacts. 1/2" & 3/4" also available.
Additional contacts are not available for sale individually.

Perimeter Technology Basic In Ground Fence

The Basic Ultra Comfort Contact System comes complete with all of the following items:
- One wall mount transmitter
- One collar receiver with a high quality nylon collar
- Comfort Contact probes
- 500' 20G boundary wire
- 2 waterproof splices
- Metal long hair probes
- 50 boundary flags
- Instructional training manual
- Instructional training DVD

Contain Area: Up to 5 acres
Collar: Lithium Ion
Wire: 20 Gauge / 500 ft.
Add unlimited # of collars
Use: All Dogs over 10 lbs.

Perimeter Technologies

Perimeter Technologies Model PTPCC-200K
Basic Ultra Comfort Contact System


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