Cat Mate Elite RFID Tag or Chip Activated Cat Door

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$161.99 - $172.99

Product Overview

Cat Mate RFID Elite Super Selective Cat Door

Programmable | Raccoon Proof | For Doors & Walls

For use with Cats Only

Elite Cat door tunnel options
The Cat Mate RFID Elite Super Selective cat door is designed to not only control the access of cats but indicate their location, indoors or outside.

The locking mechanism of the Super Selective is designed to be Raccoon proof. Raccoons cannot get their fingers under the flap to lift outward on the locked swing cat flap. This electronic door is activated by RFID collar tags that you cat wears. They do not require batteries, however the cat door itself does use 4-AA alkaline batteries.

This door is Raccoon proof due to the design of the locking mechanism.

Elite Super Selective Model: Elite Super Selective ModelClick to View Product Video

Cat Mate Elite Super Selective RFID Cat Door
Control Access
Control Entry & Exit for up to 8 cats
Control when the door can be used.?Controls when cats can?leave in morning and be in at night.
LCD Screen
Screen shows cat location (In or out) and last time since the flap was used by that unique cat.
(This programming feature will keep track of up to 3 cats for up to 99 hours). Also shows battery status.
Weather Seal
Fully draft and weatherproof brush sealed magnetic flap
Raccoon & Pest proof door

Note: These doors can be installed into metal doors. Follow directions included with the unit.
The activation range will be 2-3 inches, slightly less than in a wood door.

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Cat Mate Elite Super Selective RFID
Cat Doors

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Fully Raccoon Proof
Cat Mate Elite doors will fit any door up to 2" thick.
Additional Tunnel Wall liners available for any wall thickness

Activation Range: Up to Aprox. 5 inches from door

Flap Size
Rough Cut

Collar Tags
Cat Mate Elite Super Selective

6"w x 6"h
6 1/2"w x 7 1/2"h
9 3/4"w x 10 1/2"h
Cat Mate Elite RFID Collar Tags

Sold individually
Pricing starts at
Tunnel Wall Liner
Cat Mate Elite Tunnel Extensions

The Elite Series cat flaps will fit any door up to 2". You may install these doors into walls by adding the necessary number of Tunnel Wall Liner extensions. Each extension measures 2" in thickness.

Click Here to Purchase Tunnel Extensions Only

Note: For example, if your wall is 7" thick; you will need 3 additional extensions. The exterior frame on the Cat Mate will sleeve tight over the Wall Liner extensions to fit your wall. (In this example a 1" tunnel lip would extend beyond the exterior frame of the Cat Mate.)

3-year Manufacturer Warranty

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Programmable Cat Door
1 Size
Doors: up to 4"
Walls: Any Thickness
$161.99 - $172.99
3 Star Rated Pet DoorElectronic Pet Door

Pricing starts at: $161.99
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Automatic Pet Door for Cats - RFID Tag or Microchip Activated
Controls Access In and Out - Stray Cat Proof
Programmable - 2 Models - Doors & Walls


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