Comfort Contact Extra Collar Receiver

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Product Overview

Model PTPFS-003 Extra Collar Receiver

Compatible with the Comfort Contact System Electronic Fence Model PTPCC-200K

This PTPFS-003 collar receiver is compatible with the Perimeter Technologies Comfort Contact System electronic fence Model PTPCC-200K. The polycarbonate plastic case is designed to be chew deterrent. This receiver collar is waterproof, allowing complete water submersion. This collar is powered by a replaceable lithium ion battery pack, making it lightweight and reliable.

Veterinarian preferred contact probes are designed to reduce skin irritation on your dog. Three sizes available (5/8" standard size probes included, optional 1/2" for short hair and 3/4" probes for long hair).

Ordering Note: To add 1/2" or 3/4" Comfort Contact probes or additional batteries, click the accessories located at the bottom of this page

This Extra Receiver Collar PTPFS-003 is compatible with the Basic Ultra Comfort Contact System model PTPCC-200K

Extra Receiver Collar PTPFS-003
Compatible with Comfort Contact System Electric Fence model PTPCC-200K


(No reviews yet) Write a Review