Custom MaxSeal PRO Door Mount

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$234.99 - $785.99

Product Overview

MaxSeal® Pro Custom Pet Doors
Made for Doors

The Best Pet Doors by Design™

High Performance Custom MaxSeal Insulated Pet Doors

High Performance Insulated Pet Doors Custom doors generally are made for two different reasons:to fit an existing opening in a door, or to certain size specifications, such as the opening being a certain size for a unique situation (Giant breeds, dogs with mobility issues etc.). All Security Boss porducts are hand built to order.

Best Sealing - Best Insulating - Most Secure
The newest MaxSeal PRO design offers the very best seal & insulation along with ultimate security.
These custom doors are a favorite for customers who want to upgrade their existing pet door to a high performance unit without altering the cut in their door.

Important Note: When having a door made to a rough cut opening in a wall; it is recommended that your hole in the wall is a minimum of 1/8' larger than the rough cut dimension chosen for the custom door.

Example 1: If the hole you are installing a pet door is 15" wide x 20" high, then you multiply 15x20=300 square inches. Look in the chart below to see what range 300 falls into for pricing. Important: your flap size will be 13"w x 18"h (there is a difference of 2" in width and height from rough-cut dimension to flap size).

Example 2: If you want a flap size of 15"wide x 20"high, then you would figure the rough-cut to be 17"w x 22" (minus 2" from each measurement because of the 2" difference between rough-cut and flap size). 17 x 22=374 square inches. Find 374 in the chart below for pricing.

Custom Door Calculator

Pricing for these custom doors is based on Rough Cut Dimensions
(width x height of your opening = Total sq. inches in chart below)

MaxSeal® PRO Custom Made Doors
Helpful Information

Security Boss Manufacturing LLC® is dedicated to providing products that operate beyond expectations and provide the customer with long years of satisfaction. Our products are designed so that you can maintain your pet door indefinitely.
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Custom Door

MaxSeal® PRO
Custom Made Pet Doors

Made in USA
Made in USA
Custom pet doors can be made to fit an existing cut through a door or wall
as well as to a certain flap size.

Note: The flap size will always be approx. 2" less in width and height than the rough cut "hole" dimension.

See calculator above for exact measurements

Pricing is determined by the size of the cut through the wall or door;
width x height = Pricing Range

Rough Cut Dimensions
Square Inch Range
(For pricing)

width x height
Single Flap
Door Mount
Dual Flap
Door Mount
6-Year Warranty
We also offer doors that are LARGER than shown on the above chart
please call us at 1-800-829-7876 for assistance.

Important Notice: Custom Made doors are built to the customer's specifications.
They are non-refundable & non-returnable.
These doors ARE covered under the manufacturer's warranty.

If you need a door in a specific time frame, please call us.

Note: Custom doors with Rough Cut Dimensions LARGER than 17.75"w x 33.75" h,
require a 10 day fabrication period.

The Minimum Rough Cut Dimension that these doors can be made to is 5.5" in width or height.

A specification / data sheet will be kept on file for reference with Moore Pet Supplies LLC & Security Boss Manufacturing LLC® for any future replacement parts that may need to be ordered.

Made in USA

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Best Insulating & Sealing
Ultimate Security
Hinged Flaps
Custom Made Sizes
Replace Existing Doors
Fits Doors 1 1/4" - 2"
$214.99 - $765.99
5 Star Rated Pet DoorInsulated Pet Door
Security Boss Manufacturing LLC

Pricing starts at: $214.99
Complete pricing chart at bottom of this page

Order to Size or Replace Existing Older Door
Choose Single or Dual Flap version
Dual Flap provides a near perfect weather barrier


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