Dog Bite Suit

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Dog Bite Suit

Full Body Bite Suit | French Linen K9 Bite Suit

This Dog Bite Suit is designed and recommended for advanced k9 training. This Bite Suit is one of the most popular bite suits used in K9 training facilities. This high quality Bite Suit is constructed of durable French Linen. The pants feature two velcro straps on each side of the waist, along with suspenders that are adjustable. These suspenders are connected to the front bib with two metal snap clasps. There are also three metal snap clasps in the jacket that run across the torso and velcro, allowing the bite suits panels to be closed off and secured safely in place. Velcro straps are also included along the waist and neck of the jacket to ensure a snug fit. This Bite Suit is extremely durable, yet very lightweight!

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Recommended for advanced K9 training Constructed of durable French Linen Lightweight design Leather hand protectors in jacket cuffs

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Dog Bite Suit


(No reviews yet) Write a Review