Dogtra 280NCP Platinum

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Product Overview

Dogtra 280NCP Platinum

Gentle Enough for Mild-Mannered Dogs I Includes all features of Popular Pro-Line

(1 or 2-dog system)
Mild mannered to stubborn dogs
1/2 mile range

This 280NCP Platinum includes a clear LCD screen, providing easy viewing and better control of stimulation levels. Designed for even the most mild mannered to the stubborn dogs, this remote trainer features a wide stimulation range of 1-127.

Dogtra 280NCP

The 280NCP Platinum has the unique 3-mode selection of stimulation proven to be the most effective training stimulation:
Nick - short quick stimulus to gain attention
Constant - to correct an action or stop a behavior
Pager/Vibration - For advanced communication with your dog without stimulation

Dogtra 280 NCP

Owners Manual
Installation Instructions in PDF format
(Adobe Reader Required)
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Unique Features:
Nick & Constant stimulation & Vibrating Pager, easy rheostat dial control, 1 or 2 dog system
1/2 mile
Vibration, Static
127 Static
H20 Proof
Collar & Trans.
Recommend for:
Dogs over 8 lbs..
Med.. to Stubborn Temperament
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1/2 mile range
1-127 stimulation settings
LCD viewing screen (Even in dark or low light conditions)
Easy and ergonomic hand operation
Available in either a 1 or a 2 dog system (Cannot upgrade later)
3-mode stimulation: Nick, Constant, Pager/Vibration
Rechargeable collar and transmitter (Ni-NH batteries) Can charge all at same time
Waterproof collar and receiver
Built in antenna on dog collar
999 identity codes to protect from other collar interference
3-Bar battery life indicator

Dogtra 280NCP Platinum


(No reviews yet) Write a Review