Dogtra E-Fence 3000 Gold

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Dogtra e-Fence Containment System

EF-3000 Gold | Vibration warning containment System | 18 gauge wire

This Dogtra e-Fence 300 Gold Containment System allows dogs to roam within a specified area, outlined with the included 18 gauge wire. This EF-3000 Gold Dogtra containment system has become popular among owners with multiple dogs, having the option to add an unlimited number of extra receiver collars to the system.

Dogtra ef-3000 Gold In Ground Fence
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System includes transmitter, one collar, 500 feet of boundary wire and 50 boundary flags 5 levels of stimulation Waterproof collar/receiver Pager/vibration signal that warns the dog prior to electrical stimulation/correction Wire continuity indicator shows the fence is operational Adjustable intensity for a variety of dog personalities Rechargeable receiver Long-range signal (will work up to 40 acres) User-friendly controls Comes with owner's manual and training guide Safety Features : Dogtra's e-Fence system collars use state-of-the-art microcomputer technology. The receiver has an automatic control that limits the stimulus to eight seconds. Dogtra's filtering system prevents reception from outside sources other than your transmitter.

Dogtra E-Fence 3000 Gold
Containment System


(No reviews yet) Write a Review