Innotek Basic Contain-Train System (SD-3000)

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Innotek Basic Contain-N-Train System

Containment Fence and Remote Trainer Model SD-3000

The Innotek Basic Contain 'N' Train is one of a kind, featuring in ground containment along with remote training, all with the same collar!  When this SD-3000 is used as containment, it will cover up to 5 acres.   The hand held remote transmitter (included) allows users to communicate and correct dog behavior.  The trainer offers a range of up to 500 feet, with four corrective levels and two separate tones - one for positive and one for negative reinforcement.  The tone feature allows you to communicate with the dog while avoiding corrective static stimulation. 

This SD-300 containment fence with remote training feature is unique, offering two separate packages in one system. Most users would need to purchase a remote trainer along with a containment system to rival the capability of this SD-3000 system.

Innotek Basic Contain-N-Train System
sd-3000 Receiver Collar
Additional collars for  the SD-3000 Basic Contain-N-Train System.
Helps protect your investment from lightning strikes
500 ft. of 20 gauge wire, 50 perimeter flags, two waterproof wire splicers.
Innotek Basic Contain & Train System SD-300

Max. Area: Up to 5 acres
Collar: 3v lithium
Wire: 20 Gauge / 500 ft.
Add unlimited # of collars
Use: Dogs over 12 lbs.
Dual function / Contain & Train

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Innotek Basic Contain-Train System Model SD-3000


(No reviews yet) Write a Review