Leather K9 Multifunctional Leash

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Product Overview

Leather K9 Multifunctional Leash

Round Leather | Multipurpose 10mm Leash

This Leather K9 Multifunctional Leash is manufactured of quality 100% full grain genuine leather. This quality leather leash measures 10mm (.4") in diameter and is designed to be used as a multipurpose, or nearly any purpose, leash. Intended uses include walking, training, patrolling and tracking. The durable full grain leather construction with detailed, reinforced stitching ensures this leash will last for years! The snap hooks and "O" rings are constructed of solid brass. Two sizes are available, 5 ft and 7 ft along with two color options, brown and black.

How to Use / Configurations
Leash Part Reference Chart
Over Shoulder Leash
Bring "Handle Clip" over the shoulder opposite to the side you will be walking your dog, so the leash is across your back and under your armpit. Attach the leash's "Handle Clip" to the "Floating O-Ring" to create the loop across your upper body.
3.5' Leash
Attach the "Handle Clip" to the "Handle Sewn O-Ring".
Wrap leash around object. Attach "Handle Clip" to the "Floating O-Ring".
20" Traffic Leash
Attach "Handle Clip" to "Sewn O-Ring" to create 3.25" collar, and move "Floating O-Ring" to the end opposite of the 3.25" collar. Now bring the "Floating O-Ring" back to the 3.25" collar, folding the leash in half. Then clip the "Floating O-Ring" to the same clip attached to the "Sewn O-Ring".
Waist Leash
Wrap leash around waist and attach "Handle Clip" to the "Floating O-Ring".
Two-Dog Leash
Attach one dog to each clip, and hold leash in the middle.
5' & 7' Leash
Order correct size and use leash as is.

Leather Leash

Pricing starts at: $63.00
Designed for multipurpose Constructed of 100% full grain leather (10mm diameter) Available in Brown or Black Two Sizes: 5' and 7'
Products must be in brand new condition, unused
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Leather K9 Multifunctional Leash


(No reviews yet) Write a Review