MaxSeal Flaps

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MaxSeal Replacement Flaps

Flaps For MaxSeal Pet Doors

New Flaps to Replace Any MaxSeal Product Flaps

MaxSeal flaps are specific to size as well as their location of interior or exterior on your pet door. A interior flap will not line up correctly with the magnets of the exterior frame and vice versa. The magnet placement of both the interior and exterior of your pet door are designed to provide you with an optimum seal. Altering the placement of these magnet positions will affect the performance of your door.

Replacing your MaxSeal flaps is easy and can be done without removing the pet door frames. Thumbscrews located at the top of the flap can be loosened by hand or by Allen wrench (Provided in your hardware packet when you purchased the door). If you have any difficulty you can place a Flathead screwdriver behind the flap and apply some pressure to allow thumbscrews to catch.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review