MaxSeal Hinged Flaps

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Product Overview

MaxSeal Hinge Replacement Flaps

Optional Replacement Flap Solution for MaxSeal Pet Doors

Flaps come with Set of Thumbscrews

The MaxSeal Hinge Replacement Flap features a heavy duty hinge flap connection. Our hinged flaps allow the flap to travel freely without a pinch point. This means your flaps will last longer in situations of heavy use or if the installed pet door is too low and the pet is hitting the flap connection.

Note: It's important to install any vinyl flap pet door at least 2" higher than your tallest dog, otherwise they will pinch the flaps at the top of the pet door causing premature wear. The MaxSeal Hinge replacement flaps are a good solution for customers that are experiencing this issue. The flaps are installed into the same holes as your current MaxSeal flaps.

Our heavy duty hinge also features a weather seal that minimizes drafts through the hinge.


The interior and the exterior flaps are unique due to the positioning of the metal strikes on each flap. You cannot use an interior flap on the exterior side of your pet door for example.Flaps are UV protected and have embedded nylon cords that run vertically in the material. These flaps are also weatherized to prevent shrinking in sub-zero temperatures.

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