Petsafe Instant Pet Barrier With One Zone (ZND-1200)

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Product Overview

Petsafe Instant Pet Barrier Zone ZND-1200

The Petsafe Instant Pet Barrier Zone are designed to instantly keep your dog away from problem areas in your home - no training necessary. Unlike other deterrents, ZONES are totally cordless. You can put a ZONE near anything you want your dog to avoid - the trash, kitchen counter or protect your fine furniture. Each ZONE protects an area from 2' to 12'. This is the perfect solution for keep dogs away from garbage, certain rooms in the house or other off limit areas.

Note: Add unlimited number of Zone Receivers & unlimited number of pets to system.

Pawz Away Indoor Pet Barrier

Petsafe Instant Pet Barrier (ZND-1200) - Popular Accessories

ZND-1000 Transmitter
Innotek Zones Extra Transmitter ZND-1000

Additional transmitters can be added for marking off areas that are off limits for your pet.

Extra Collar

There is no limit to the number of collars that can be used with the ZND-1200 containment system.

3-Volt CR2032 Battery
3-Volt CR2032 Battery

The collar receiver uses two 3-volt CR2032 replaceable batteries.

Common AAA Battery
AAA Common Battery

Common AAA batteries are used to power the transmitter. These can be found in any local grocery or hardware store.

Petsafe Instant Pet Barrier With One | Zone ZND-1200


Petsafe Instant Pet Barrier ZND-1200
Wireless Zone Barrier


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