Petsafe Wall Entry

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Product Overview

PetSafe Wall Entry Pet Door
Dual Flap Utility Dog Door

Fits Wall
4 3/4 " to 7 1/4 "

This PetSafe Wall Entry pet door is rated as a good utility, economically priced pet door featuring a dual flap system. These flaps are the same as those found in the PetSafe Freedom pet door. Flaps are replaceable and we have them readily in stock. The tunnel features a two piece plastic sleeve that will slide together to fit 4 3/4" to 7 1/4" wall thicknesses. Each Petsafe Wall Entry Pet door comes with a slide-in thermoplastic blocking panel. This blocking panel can be used on either the interior or the exterior pet door frame.

For a high performance wall mounted dual flap pet doors also see the MaxSeal Wall Mount.

PetSafe Wall Entry Pet Door - Self Adjusting Tunnel Sleeve PetSafe Wall Entry Pet Door - Views

Self Adjusting Tunnel | Sizes shown above with and without the blocking panel inserted
  • Heavy-duty aluminum pet door with a durable, easy to clean flaps
  • Thermoplastic, insulating slide-in locking panel that can be used on interior or exterior side of pet door
  • Door has translucent-tinted flexible vinyl flaps (one on the interior and one on the exterior)
  • Flaps used in this door are the same as the PetSafe Freedom
  • Easy to fit, comes with complete instructions
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
Note: This door frame requires screws that are inserted directly into walls. The position of the screws to attach the frame are close to the rough cut, therefore customers may run into some difficulties with stucco and brick sided homes.

Guide to
Replace Flaps
Adobe Reader

PetSafe Wall Entry
Dual Flap Pet Doors

Self Adjusting Tunnel

Fits Walls
4 3/4 " to 7 1/4 "

Pet Opening
Ext. Frame Dimension
5"w x 7"h
6 7/16"w  x 10 1/8"h
9 1/2"w x 13 1/4"h
8"w x 11"h
9 5/8"w x 14 3/8"h
12 7/16"w x 17 3/8"h
10"w x 15"h
11 7/16"w x 18 1/16"h
14 7/16"w x 21"h

The is constructed by mounting a PetSafe Freedom from to 2 tunnel sleeves that glide over each other to adjust for wall thickness. The security closing panel can be inserted on the interior or exterior of the pet door.

This Door comes with a White frame that is visibly mounted to the black tunnel.
(Tunnel is black plastic)

3 Star Rated Pet Door
Fits Walls
4.75" to 7.25"
Ease of Install
Insulating Rating

Authorized PetSafe Dealer

Pricing starts at: $74.99
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4 Sizes to fit any Pet
Wall Mount Pet Door | Dual Flaps
Included Tunnel fits 4 3/4" to 7 1/4 - Tinted Flaps


(No reviews yet) Write a Review