SportDog YardTrainer SD-105 Remote Trainer

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SportDog YardTrainer SD-105

8 Levels of Correction with Tone Button Remote Training System

The SportDog YardTrainer SD-105 is designed to be used with dogs of almost any sizes. This high quality Sportdog remote trainer features a range of up to 100 yards. The SportDog YardTrainer SD-105 is ideal for training in your home, back yard or local dog park. This remote trainer features a tone button as well as 8 levels of static stimulation. The audible button setting will emit a ultrasonic tone when pushed, while the static stimulation will emit a safe electronic pulse. This SportDog YardTrainer is a great option for dog owners with little to no experience using a remote dog trainer.

SportDog YardTrainer SD-105 - Accessories
Collars below are compatible
this trainer is not expandable for use with more than one dog

SDR-FC Receiver Collar
Discountinued SDR-FC Receiver Collar

Low/High Correction
Mossy Camo
2.8 oz

SDR-CH Receiver Collar
Discontinued SDR-CH Receiver Collar

Low/High Correction
Wood Camo
8 oz
3-Volt CR2032 Battery

3-Volt CR2032 Battery

The transmitter and receiver use 3-volt CR2032 replaceable batteries.

SportDOG YardTrainer SD-105

Owner's Manual
Installation Instructions in PDF Format

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Unique Features:
Basic beginners trainer for dogs of all sizes
100 yards
Static, Tone
8 Static
H20 Proof
Recommend for:
All Dogs
Average Temperament
SportDOG Product

SportDog YardTrainer SD-105
Remote Dog Trainer


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