SportDog YardTrainer SD-105S for Stubborn Dogs

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SportDog YardTrainer SD-105S

Remote Trainer For Stubborn Dogs | Model SD-105S

The SportDog YardTrainer SD-105S is designed for dogs weighing a minimum of 8 pounds, and is highly recommended for small to large dogs with a stubborn temperament. This high quality stubborn dog remote trainer features an activation range of up to 100 yards. This SportDog YardTrainer can be used in the home, back yard or local dog park. This stubborn dog remote trainer features three stimulation settings: tone correction, continuous correction, and intense continuous correction. The tone stimulation will emit an sultraonic sound as corrective stimulation, while the continuous correction setting will emit a safe electronic impulse. The intense continuous correction is set at two different levels above the standard continuous correction level, for times when your dog needs immediate correction. This SportDog YardTrainer is a great choice for dog owners with little to no experience using a remote dog trainer.

SportDog YardTrainer SD-105S - Accessories
Collars below are compatible
this trainer is not expandable for use with more than one dog

SDR-FC Receiver Collar
SDR-FC Receiver Collar

Low/High Correction
Mossy Camo
2.8 oz
SDR-CH Receiver Collar
SDR-CH Receiver Collar

Low/High Correction
Wood Camo
8 oz
3-Volt CR2032 Battery
3-Volt CR2032 Battery

The transmitter and receiver use 3-volt CR2032 replaceable batteries.

SportDOG YardTrainer SD-105s for stubborn dogs

Owner's Manual
Installation Instructions in PDF Format

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Unique Features:
Beginner trainer for owners with a stubborn dog, tone, continuous & intense correction.
100 yards
Static, Tone
8 Static
H20 Proof
Recommend for:
All Dogs
Average Temperament
SportDOG Product

SportDog YardTrainer SD-105S
For Stubborn Dogs


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