SureFlap Microchip Large Pet Door

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Product Overview

SureFlap Microchip Large Pet Door

Microchip or Collar Tag Activated

Recommended for Large Cats and Small Dogs

Product Dimensions
Pet Opening
7" x 6.69"
Rough Cut Required
8.15" x 9.21"
Exterior Frame
10.32" x 11.06"
Fits Doors up to 2 3/4"thick
Fits ANY Wall Thickness
Additional Tags Available
Optional Mounting Adapter for Glass
Optional 2" Extensions for Walls

SureFlap Micro Chip Pet Door for cats and dogs
The SureFlap Microchip Large Pet Door is the latest RFID microchip pet door offered by SureFlap, with additional features and benefits over the original SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap. The SureFlap Microchip Large Pet Door offers a  larger pet opening measuring 7" wide by 6.69" high. This pet opening is recommended for large cats and small dogs. This SureFlap Pet Door allows embedded microchips along with collar tags to access the door.

(Additional Collar tags can be purchased separately
one tag is included with each door

The SureFlap Microchip Large Pet Door is compatible with all microchip formats worldwide and features a new double locking mechanism for increased security against other animals. This pet door can program up to 32 pet identities with either collar tags or microchips. One collar tag is included in the purchase.

The SureFlap Microchip Large Pet Door features a new "Curfew Mode" allowing control over when the door is locked and unlocked. This Microchip pet door allows any pet inside the house access out, but requires the embedded microchip or collar tag to have access back in through the door from the outside. The installation process for the SureFlap Large Pet Door is very simple, and can be installed into doors up to 2 3/4" thick, and walls (2" tunnel liners are available to fit any wall thickness). The SureFlap Microchip Large Pet Door has a 3 year warranty.

To Purchase Collar Tags Separately Click Here
To Purchase Tunnel Extensions Separately Click Here
To Purchase Mounting Adapter Separately Click Here


*Learn Mode - To start operation, this SureFlap pet door needs to learn the unique RFID codes of your pets microchip or collar tag. This process is only required once for each pet as these codes are permanently stored, even if the batteries are removed. In order to program the door, follow these simply instructions listed below:

1. Remove the button cover and press the learn button for approximately 1 second and release.
2.The locks will open, allowing the pet to pass through. The icon above learn mode will flash on the LCD screen.
3. The next pet to pass through the flap from either direction, will have the RFID microchip or tags code saved.
4. Once the pet's microchip code is stored, the door wil revert to normal operation (LCD stops flashing).

*For multiple pets, repeat the process until all microchip numbers are stored.

Note: Do not attempt to implant the RFID microchip in your cat on your own. Contact your local veterinarian to ensure a safe and successful implant..

Optional Tunnel Extensions can be added for Installation into walls:
SureFlap with extensions for a wall installation SureFlap Tunnel Extension Configurations

Installation Instructions

Door Mount
Wall Mount
Glass Mount

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For Cats & Small Dogs
Includes "Curfew Mode"
1 Size
Doors: up to 2 3/4"
Walls: Any Thickness
3 Star Rated Pet DoorElectronic Pet Door
Authorized Retailer for SureFlap Cat Door
One RFID collar tag included Pet opening measures 7" wide by 6.69" high Capable of programming up to 32 different pet identities Requires 4 "C" cell batteries - not included Average battery life of 12 months Self-lining up to 2 3/4" thick - Tunnel Extensions available to fit any wall depth Weatherproof sealed flap Uses unique RFID technology 4-Way manual locking device to override electronic door lock (in-only, out-only, completely unlocked, completely locked) Stray and neighborhood cat Proof 3-Year manufacturers warranty

RFID Micro Chip or Tag Activated
For Doors up to 2 3/4" thick and all walls
For Large Cats & Small Dogs


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