Widest Leather K9 Collar

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Widest Leather K9 Collar

Widest Genuine Leather K9 Collar Available | 2" Wide Dog Collar

This all leather Widest Leather K9 Collar is the widest dog collar available, measuring 2" (50 mm) wide. This leather dog collar can be used for a variety of tasks, including jogging, walking, training, etc. The high quality D-Ring and buckle is constructed of rust and corrosion resistant nickel plated steel. The classic design of this extremely wide Leather Dog Collar makes it an instant customer favorite! This leather k9 collar is available in two color choices, black and brown. There are 21 sizes available, accommodating even some of the largest dog breed neck sizes (From 16" to 36"). To ensure proper measuring for sizing, see the chart below:

Dog Collar Measuring Chart

See how this Widest Collar looks on other dogs:

**Prolong the life of this super wide leather collar by applying a water repellent coating along with frequent leather conditioner use. To avoid cracking, do not dry this collar on a radiator.

Extra Wide Leather Dog Collar - Genuine Leather

Leather Collar

Pricing starts at: $39.20
Designed for Training, Jogging, Walking, etc Constructed of 100% full grain leather Available in Brown or Black 21 sizes Available 2" (5 cm) wide
Products must be in brand new condition, unused
Must be received by warehouse within 21 days of delivery
Custom products & sizes are not returnable
All returns incur a 10% restocking fee

Widest Genuine Leather K9 Collar Available | 2" Thick Dog Collar


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